NZXT H700i Ninja Case Review

System Build and Installation

Building in the H700i Ninja gave me fond memories of the build we did in the H500i. I absolutely love the cable management options in the H700i and it has resulted in one of my cleanest builds to date. The center cable management bar not only gives the case a nice pop of color, but it also hides all of the cables going to the motherboard extremely well. I also really enjoyed all the cutouts throughout the case which allowed me to cleanly run the rest of my cables to the motherboard, GPU and SSD drive.

Some of the features that really stood out in addition to the cable management was the ample SSD mounting locations and the single connector for the front panel. I can’t tell you how many times I have referenced my motherboard manual when hooking up the front panel. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see a single 9pin connector which made it foolproof when plugging it into the motherboard.

Being that the H700i Ninja has a fully tempered glass panel, it is nice to see NZXT has added some case illumination to showcase your components. Here we used the downloaded CAM software to set the LED strips to “Spectrum Wave” to match our RGB T-Force Delta ram.

Even though you don’t see the back of the case often in the H700i, we put those cable channels to use. With the addition of the second set of channels on the right of the cable management bar, we even managed to get our bulk 24 pin cable routed. This was something that we couldn’t do in the H500i and we were thankful for the extra lanes in the H700i. Thanks to all the included Velcro strips, we only needed to use a single zip tie on the CPU cable which is quite impressive.

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