NZXT H700i Ninja Case Review


To control the included LED strips, you must download NZXT’s cam software from theie website. This piece of software allows you to view and configure various aspects of your PC and its dashboard includes readouts for temperature, CPU/GPU load and your current clock speeds to name a few.  In this review, we will focus on the features that pertain to the pre-installed RGB LED strips.

Under the lighting tab of the CAM software NXZT, it comes loaded with 10 presets which can apply a certain lighting pattern to your LED strips. These presets include:

  • Fixed – Solid color
  • Breathing – Colors fading in and out
  • Fading – Fades colors in and out and blending them during the transition
  • Marquee – LED chases around attached LED strips
  • Covering Marquee – Like Marquee but the LED stays on when the color moves to the next LED
  • Pulse – Pulse the color
  • Spectrum Wave – RBG Wave going through all colors
  • Alternating – Alternates colors each LED between 2 colors
  • Wings – 2 chasing LED’s going in opposite directions and bounce off each other.
  • Candle – Add a flame effect to the LEDs

Under the “Smart” tab you can have the LED’s change base on CPU/ GPU temperature as well as your current FPS

The “Custom” tab allows you to create a custom version of the Fixed, Breathing and Wave presets.

On the “Audio” tab, it allows you to change the LEDs based on various sound presets such as Level, Bass, and Gain.

On the last tab “Game” you can configure your LEDs to react to various attributes in games. Each game can be configured individually and the software will change the present based on what game you are playing.

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