NZXT Havik 140 CPU Cooler

Closer look

Removing the Havik 140 from the box, we see that it does not come pre-assembled, which is good. Most coolers that come with the fans and other components often have to be disassembled before it can be mounted to the motherboard; one less step needed. Anyhow, the Havik weighs in at 1035 grams with both 140mm fans installed. The mounting assembly relieves the motherboard of any stress that could be created by the weight of the cooler.  The Havik 140 is compatible with all current CPU sockets including the AMD FM1 and Intel’s 1156.

NZXT decided to utilize the typical tower design for their first foray into the CPU cooling. The tower design has been around for a very long time, which goes to show that it is the most effective design around when it comes to pure performance. The second benefit is it makes it easier to get to all the DIMM slots on most motherboards.

Comprised of several straight-lined aluminum fins and six nickel-plated copper heat pipes, the Havik 140 looks to be shorter and narrower than most tower-based coolers. It took several attempts to count all the fins of the cooler but we think we got it right at 46. The arrangement is pretty dense.

The heat pipes begin and end at the top of the cooler. The route of the pipes gets a little abnormal at the base area as they arranged in such a way to be distributed along the surface of the fin tower for better heat transfer.

The base of the Havik is not the shiniest we have ever seen but with that being said a perfect shine doesn’t mean better performance. [Editor’s Note: A shinier (less rough) surface actually does equate to better thermal performance, but what Tony means is there are more factors coming into play which determine the overall result.] The base here definitely shows of machining.

The Havik comes with dual 140mm cooling fans, which is where it gets the ‘140’ in its name, carrying with them the following specifications: 1200RPM, 25dBA and 90.3CFM.

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