NZXT S340 Elite Chassis Review

Packaging & Unboxing

As you can see NZXT made all sides of the S340 Elite box very enticing to make sure it catches your eye with a certain amount of sex appeal.

Moving on to the packaging, the S340 Elite was very well packaged, with two thick Styrofoam inserts on the top and bottom of the chassis, as will as a clear plastic bag to help keep fringer prints as well dust from getting on the tempered glass side panel and the rest of the case.

The accessories package that came with the S340 Elite was kind of on the small side, the only things included was the S340 Elite manual, a Sata cable extension, 10/ 6 inch zip ties, and 4 small plastic zip bags containing M3/ 5 flat screws, two standoffs, 6/32 Hexagon screws and 6 / 32 flat screws as shown in the photo below, basically everything you need to get your build started.

The next two photos show the new NZXT magnetic cable management puck which can be used to hold your VR headset, however if you’re not into VR yet, It does a really great job with your audio headset. The puck is magnetized and comes in two pieces, there’s also channeling in the center to wrap the cord from your headset.

Side view showing the channel for wrapping your headsets cable around the magnetized puck which can be split into two pieces.

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