NZXT S340 Elite Chassis Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

NZXT has done an amazing job updating a chassis that was already one of their best selling mid towers. The overall build quality of the S340 Elite excellent, plus the addition of the tempered glass side panel really pushes the sex appeal of the S340 Elite chassis through the roof. 

Cable management is now a breeze thanks to three things, the award winning power supply shroud, the cable management bar, and now the welcomed addition of the four cable clamps which help you keep your cables nice and neat, giving you a very clean looking build. The top I/O panel of the S340 Elite has been optimized with an HDMI port as well as additional USB3.0 ports for a streamlined VR experience, add in the magnetic cable management puck to conveniently store your VR or audio headsets with fast and flexible mounting access. The pack can be used on either the front panel or right side panel. 

As far as storage, NZXT has added mounting for three SSDs on the PSU shroud, 2 of the mounts are on the top of the shroud, with the 3rd on the right front side of the shroud, giving you fast & easy access to all 3 SSD’s. Lets not forget the additional drive cage which is mounted up front on the right interior side .

The S340 Elite has full support for all of their Kraken Series coolers up to 280mm so there’s not mush more you could ask for from such a remarkable chassis, but lets not stop here, NZXT also added two removable and washable filters, one up front and one on the bottom of the chassis. Both filters make sure your prize build stays free from dust and pet hairs. If I had to complain about anything, it would have to be not adding support for a 240mm – 280mm radiator up top. The single top mounted 120mm FN V2 fan looks out of place on such a beautiful case.

If your in the market for a mid tower chassis, the NZXT S340 Elite should be on your short list. Considering everything you get $99.99, you really shouldn’t have to think twice! Because of all these great features and the great price, we have decided to give the NZXT S340 Elite the ProClockers Editor’s Choice Award.



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