NZXT S340 Razer Edition Mid Tower Chassis Review

Content and Packaging

The NZXT S340 Razer Edition retail box is mostly black with the exception of NZXT. S340 in bold white letters and numbers located top left front.

Under NZXT you can see the green Razer badge and the words Designed By Razer. Dead center of the box a photo of the S340 Razer Edition with the Razer emblem and the LED light rails on the bottom of the chassis emitting an awesome green glow

The back side of the S340 box also shows NZXT S340 and Designed By Razer in the same location as the front. The photo of the S340 is smaller and over to the left hand side.

There are three more photos on the right side, with the first showing the award winning NZXT power supply shroud and the words “All Steel Construction “ in bold green lettering.

The second photo shows the top front I/O with the words “Everything You Need “ The third and last photo shows the only HDD cage and one of the LED light rails glowing green.

In our next photo you can see that NZXT used the exact same foam packaging to protect the S340 from getting damage during shipping. The foam packaging did an excellent job protecting our Noctis 450 sample as well as the S340

S340 Specifications

Case Specs

  • Dimensions: W: 200mm H: 445mm D: 432mm
  • Materials: Steel & Plastic
  • Total Weight: 7.29 KG
  • Motherboard Support: ITX, microATX, ATX
  • External Features: 1x HD Audio/Mic, 2x USB 3.0
  • Bays & Expansion
    • Internal 3.5” 2 + 1
    • Internal 2.5” 2 + 1
  • PCI Expansion Slots: 7


  • Front: 2 x 120mm or 140mm
  • Top: 1 x 120mm or 1400 [120mm included]
  • Rear: 1 x 120mm [120mm included]


  • CPU Cooler: 161mm
  • Front Radiator: 58mm
  • Rear Radiator: 75mm
  • GPU: 364mm / 334mm [Without Radiator]

Warranty Term: 2 Years


  • NZXT Award Winning Power Supply Shroud which also supports dual SSDs
  • Cable Management Bar
  • Water Cooling support for 120mm Rear. 240mm & 280mm front
  • LED Lighting for under carriage LED light rails
  • LED lighting for front Razer emblem
  • Removable Magnetic Front Filter helps keep dust out of your system, and makes it easy to remove and clean. Filter is also washable.
  • Support for 364mm long GPUs or 334mm with front radiator installed

Accessories Package

The included S340 accessories package is a little sparse to say the least

  • One package of 21 / 6-32 x 5mm screws
  • One package of 12 / M3 x 5mm screws
  • One package of 8 / KB5 x 10mm screws
  • One motherboard standoff 6-32 x 6.5+4mm
  • Motherboard Standoff Wrench
  • One package / 10 Cable Ties
  • NZXT S340 Mid Tower Manual
  • Two Razer Emblem Decals

Let us move on to taking a look at the exteriors of the S340 on the next page.

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