NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller

Closer look at the Sentry II

The Sentry II is a slick looking controller.  It does not take up two slots like quite a few fan controllers out there.  It only requires 2-4 screws for mounting.  I tried to mount mine with the cases screwless mounting system, but was not able to make that work.  Not that it is very hard to actually screw something in of course.  I am bad about usually just using the screws on the one side of the case, but with the Sentry II you are going to have to use the screws on both sides.  First of all you are going to be touching this to make adjustments and secondly it will mount crooked.  You can’t really tell in the pictures, but the mounting tabs angle in a bit.  When you screw in just one side you will find the front panel angled in the optical slot.  I had to actually reach inside and push from behind in order to get the second mounting tab to line up and be close enough for the screws to take hold.

From the back you can see that the connections for the power and fan controls and the temperature probes.  Like I mentioned above there are actually two spare probes in case you run into any issues.  As a little note, when you are running the probes, I would not place one between your CPU and heat sink.  You can place it close, but in my humble opinion the size of the probe and the gap it could create are too extreme for me to risk a CPU.  Again let me state, that was my opinion, and we all know about opinions.

Here is the speaker for your alarms in case you wonder were the noise is coming from.  And do not let the small size fool you, it is loud.

Your probe leads, see what I mean about the size, not safe I do not think for placement on your CPU.  Otherwise just take a little of the tape they supplied you with and place the probes where ever you feel the need to check on temperatures.  They label them for you here.

Power for the Sentry II is supplied by the Molex connector, conveniently labeled for you.

Fan control wiring gives you a choice of either three pin or four pin Molex connectors.  And again they are nicely labeled.  Just remember to write down which fan is controlled by which number as the front panel only shows you the fan number.

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