NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX Gaming Case

Closer look at the outside

Once removed from the external packaging, you can begin to see the attractive appearance of the Vulcan. The combination of mesh and fine lines will make the Vulcan ideal for not only those looking for a nice LAN rig, but anyone looking to conserve space. Meaning there is a chance your wife or girlfriend would get a kick out of the Vulcan. Like we stated, the Vulcan comes in one color, black. That is inside and outside. We will talk about the inside later. Standing fifteen inches tall and sit back another sixteen inches you do not have to suffice much needed territory.

We at Pro-Clockers can never get enough of the mesh style of today’s cases. This can be said for the rest of the world as we are seeing a multitude of them being produced. I don’t think there is one company that has not put out at least one. Sitting at the top front of the case are two knobs. Each knob is a 8 watt fan controller each would be the equivalent of two fans pure knob or channel. Below the fan controllers are two 5.25” mesh bay covers followed by two more 3.5” bay covers. Behind the bottom mesh panel is a single 120mm cooling fan. No specifications are giving on the fan.

Each side of the case has bulging side panels each of them serving two different purposes. The left side protrudes outwards in order to hold a single 200mm cooling fan that you did not get with the case. The rubber grommets are used to quiet the vibration made by the fan against the case panel. The right side panel has the lump in it in order to give the neatest cable organizer a place to hide any extra cabling.

Looking at the top of the Vulcan you see there is more mesh. In this instance, the mesh helps the two 120mm holes exhaust air but only one 120mm fan is included ere. A case would not be considered a LAN case without a handle of some sort. The Vulcan has optional handle that extends another couple of inches from the top surface of the case. NZXT gave the user the option to use the handle or not. That is what the holes in the top panel are used for. Good call, NZXT. Sailing to the front of the top side is the I/O area which includes two USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA and audio plugs. The power and reset are made of a shiny metal and sits beside the audio ports.

Turning the case onto its side and looking at the bottom of the Vulcan you see the single vent for the power supply. The vent does have a dust filter and can be easily removed from the outside.

At last we make it to the rear of the case. At the top of the case are two water-cooling inlets underneath lies a 120mm fan opening. The fan here is not included. Being a mATX we are limited to four PCI expansion slots.

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