NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX Gaming Case

Closer look at the inside

Being compact, we respect the room the Vulcan manages to offer. The entire layout is well organized, but pure delight came from seeing another entirely black interior, keeping with the current trend of dark insides. One feature that was nice to see was the extra large CPU cooler opening in the back of the motherboard tray. So often we see cases with this nice feature the opening is so small that it usually don’t line up with the motherboard socket itself.

Upfront you have enough room to house two 5.2”5 devices as well as four 3.5”. If one is going to bitch about the lack of drive support, remember this is a mATX case not a mid. If you are wondering what the gap is in between the two HDD cages well that is for support for the long graphic cards like the Radeon HD 5970. For intake a 120mm cooling with white blades are used. The case cables are angles off to the left of the drive bays to eliminate some cluster.

The rear of the case is not as impressive as the front for functional not the less. Sitting at the top of the rear end is a location for an 80/92mm cooling for exhaust functions but is not included. Granted sometimes 92mm fans are a little harder to find many elect to go the 92mm route due to the decrease in noise. Below the fan opening is four expansion slots which are secured using black thumbscrews. The slot protectors are ventilated for better circulation. The Vulcan is a bottom power supply mounted case.

Towering above all is a single 120mm orange LED front. The same location has enough to support two fans. Or better yet a water-cooling radiator.

Sitting at the bottom of the case is the power supply opening. Four rubber feet are located here for the PSU to sit on to eliminate vibrations made by the power supply.

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