NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX Gaming Case


For those that never wanted to venture into the world of mATX computing may want to very it a look see now. The NZXT Vulcan combined with a nice overclocking motherboard like the ASUS Gene or MSI 890GX-65, you can have well made gaming rig. And it would be portable. The Vulcan is a sweet looking case. Even if you are not a fan of smaller form factor cases you cannot help but see the appeal here.

The simple lines joined by the mesh drive bays do say gaming but also say sleek. This is what we have come to see with many people that are producing small cases, they seems to put way too much flash and bling into them. Not in the case of NZXT and the new Vulcan. Even my wife though it was sweet looking.

The Vulcan has all the room needed to build an awesome gaming rig. There is even room for Radeon HD 5970.

This is something many SFF cases can not say. There is a ton of room for four hard drives as well as dual optical drives. You really can’t bitch about room in this case. And speaking of the inside you have to love the solid black interior paint job.

Large coolers can be used in the Vulcan but may have to be turned in which a way the fan will blow top to bottom and not front to back. This is due to the small amount of space between the top of the motherboard and the underside of the case’s top panel.

We found the NZXT Vulcan on a couple etailers’ sites going for just over $70. Not bad for a quality small form factor cases.

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