OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty Series power Supply

Closer look

The new OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W monster is quite the looker with its all black dressing. Not falling for all the shifting in different color power supplies this unit means true to the black models we see matching more of the cases on the market. The unit measures just over 7” in length making it longer than the average power supply.

The unit boasts a lot of numbers that we love to see in a power house meant to power the elitist of gaming rigs. We all know by now that it carries 1000W of continuous power but what we have not mentioned is it also carries an 80PLUS Gold efficiency rating. Yes, this behemoth can operate 90% operating efficiency on load. And most of this power is operated through a single 12v rail.

To cool the internals and help maintain the Gold rating, the Fatal1ty uses a red glowing 140mm cooling fan. The red color plays into the heart of the gamers and enthusiasts that often embed their systems with lighted fans. OCZ gives no numbers on the fan except that it is a dual ball bearing unit and that is it thermally controlled.

Each of the long sides of the unit is a black and red themed sticker with a partial image of Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel and the Fatal1ty logo. This is something that some may like and other may not. Too each his own with that feature.

The rear of unit is pretty typical as the unit uses honeycomb openings to allow for heat to pass through.

The side of interest is the side that will be hidden inside the system. The Fatal1ty power supply is mostly modular but not completely. The main cables of the unit (ATX, EPS and two 6+2 PCIe extensions) are one with the unit. The rest of the cables legs use the red connectors to make contact with the PSU.

One thing many of us have done or had someone do for us is sleeve the individual wires of the cables or our power supplies. Or if that was not the case, we look to companies that offer pre-sleeved extensions. In the case of this PSU that is an added feature. No need to fork out $20 – $120 to get this done. All the sleeving is done is black matching the unit itself. A little hint to OCZ offer some red extensions as well.

Cable Connections

20/4 Pin ATX

4+4 Pin AUX

4 Pin Molex


6 Pin PCIe

6+2 Pin PCIe


Enermax Revolution87+ 1000W








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