OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty Series power Supply


The OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty delivers just what it advertises when used in our real world system setup. During the testing phase we saw the numbers of the individual rails stay well within suitable levels and not one time did we see a drop out in power. And when it comes to rails many will like the idea of having a single 12v rail to deliver power to all the important peripherals in the system.

Aesthetically speaking we can say the power supply not an eye-sore at all even with the red glow of the fan brighten up the inside of the case. Black is definitely the common color of interior of cases today and the combination of black and red is often the theme many of us use to build a new box. And with that being said this power supply is a perfect fit.

All the numbers advertised to sell this unit is great and the visual aspects are all great and well worth the asking price of the unit but what is really new here are the individually sleeved cables. Looking through many of the threads on forums of case mods and system builds, individually sleeved cables is the in thing now. But doing this can be expensive and very time consuming. In this case OCZ has done it for you.

Speaking of pricing, we show many retailers offering it from $210 to $240 and that is before a $20 mail-in rebate. There is tough competition in this range, many great power supplies. But none offer the individual sleeving out the box.

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