OCZ RevoDrive 350 Series PCIe 480Gb SSD Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The OCZ RevoDrive 350’s sequential read speeds are breathtaking, exceeding 2050 MB/s in some tests. That is around 10% higher then OCZ’s specifications for the drive. The sequential write speeds of around 1908 MB/s also exceeds specifications by a wide margin. Performance was very consistent though and that is very important for the overall user experience. The high access time are no doubt a side effect of what is actually 4 separate drives in a RAID 0 configuration.

The drive looks particularly good as long as you are looking at the side if the drive that has the cover. The green PCB and lack of any type of PCB back plate distract quite a bit from the cosmetics. It is well built however.

At a standard retail price of $799.00 at the time of writing, is an extremely expensive drive. If you require a lot of drive performance, but have very little space, this drive may suit you perfectly. However, if you have the space, a hardware RAID PCIe controller and individual drives may be the better solution. You can find the 480GB variant of  the OCZ RevoDrive 350 at Amazon for $694.99.


  • Superb Transfer Rates
  • Great All-Round Performance
  • An Easy Solution for SSDs in a RAID Array


  • High Access Times
  • Very Expensive


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7 years ago

I’ve always kind of been on
I’ve always kind of been on he fence about OCZ products, but my opinion of them is gradually improving.