OCZ Trion 100 480GB SSD Review


Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Sorage Solutions got their start in the RAM memory market. In 2007, they decided to expand their product line and acquired PC Power & Cooling, whose products included power supplies. When the solid state drive technology started to emerge, OCZ was there too. OCZ was purchased by Toshiba in 2013, which was looking to enter the SSD market in a big way. The Vector line is the new drives to receive Toshiba’s touch.

The Trion 100 is built a bit different than the previous OCZ drives we have tested. Inside, we find a Toshiba’s TC58NC controller. This is different than the Barefoot controller we are used to seeing in OCZ drives. Toshiba’s own 19nm TLC Flash is used, whereas the other OCZ drives we have tested recently have used Toshiba MLC Flash.

The Trion 100 serves as OCZ’s newest entry level drive. Maximum read and write speeds are rated the same as the Vector 1800 performance drives, but random read and write are substantially lower. This should provide some pretty interesting comparisons.

OCZ’s take on the Trion 100 480GB SATA SSD

The most awarded SSD brand of all time brings you the all-new OCZ Trion 100 Series. Designed to optimize your notebook or PC easily and affordably, the trailblazing Trion 100 Series SSDs leverage premium Toshiba TLC NAND flash to go the distance and deliver a superior balance of performance, reliability, and value that will transform any mobile or desktop system.

Fast and Efficient

Up your productivity with the Trion 100 Series and enjoy faster boot ups, file transfers, and system responsiveness. Say goodbye to hard drive lag and get a state-of-the-art computing experience worthy of your time.

Performance Made Affordable

Upgrading to an SSD can feel like you’ve purchased an entirely new system—not only because of the enhanced speed, but also the initial investment normally associated with the technology. Trion 100 SSDs balance price and performance so you have enough funds leftover for other upgrades.

World-class Quality and Reliability

With 100% Toshiba technology built into every drive, each Trion 100 SSD is engineered for superior quality and reliability, keeping your data secure.

Better Battery Life

The more power-efficient Trion 100 Series is optimized for lower energy consumption which translates into longer battery life to keep you up and running longer.

Serious Speed. Zero Tricks.

Trion 100 offers plenty of real world performance for all your gaming and productivity applications. No fancy behind-the-scenes tricks, just pure storage performance.

Trion 100 SSD Features

Next Gen TLC Technology

Built with premium Toshiba TLC NAND flash

Performance Made Affordable

Superior balance of price and performance

World-class Quality & Reliability

100% Toshiba technology built into every drive, keeping data secure

Toshiba Controller & Firmware

Leverages Toshiba SSD controller technology

Better Battery Life

Optimized for lower energy consumption for longer battery life with built-in power management modes

ShieldPlus Warranty

Provides an elite, worry-free customer service experience

OCZ’s ShieldPlus Warranty

An industry-leading approach to service that eliminates all the hassle surrounding support and warranty claims consumers may have to deal with. NO shipping costs and NO hassle. (Currently available only for USA, Canada, European Union and Taiwan)

A Commitment to Quality

Learn about how our quality philosophy delivers premium solutions to customers through advanced product development and testing processes.


Specifications are up next.

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