OCZ Trion 150 960GB 2.5 SSD Review


Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Storage Solutions got their start in the RAM memory market. In 2007, they decided to expand their product line and acquired PC Power & Cooling, whose products included power supplies. When the solid state drive technology started to emerge, OCZ was there too. OCZ was purchased by Toshiba in 2013, which was looking to enter the SSD market in a big way. The Vector line is the new drives to receive Toshiba’s touch.

The Trion 150 uses the Toshiba’s own Indilinx Barefoot 3 M00 controller, a slightly over-clocked version of the Barefoot 3 M10 controller used in OCZ’s in the ARC and Vertex 460(s) drives. The Trion 150 uses Toshiba’s 15nm TLC NAND Flash. Toshiba states that the new Trion delivers “increased real-world performance” the earlier version. The Trion 100 we reviewed a while back offered good performance, but seemed like it could use just a touch more get go. It looks like the Trion 150 has just that get go.

Like the Trion 100 before it, the Trion 150 Also comes in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB sizes.

OCZ’s take on the Trion 150 960GB SATA SSD


Upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) should be easy and affordable and that’s where OCZ TR150 SSDs come in. Designed to boost the speed of your notebook or PC over conventional HDDs, the TR150 Series leverages TLC NAND flash memory to deliver well‐balanced performance, reliability, and value that will transform your mobile or desktop system.

Fast and Efficient

Up your productivity with the TR150 Series and enjoy faster boot ups, file transfers, and system responsiveness. Say goodbye to hard disk drive lag and get a computing experience worthy of your time.

Performance Made Affordable

Upgrading to an SSD from a conventional HDD can feel like you’ve purchased an entirely new system. TR150 SSDs balance price and performance so you have enough funds left over for other upgrades.

Better Battery Life

The more power-efficient TR150 Series provides lower consumption compared to HDDs, which can translate into longer battery life to keep you up and running longer.

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