OCZ Vector 150 120GB SSD Review


SSDs have become a vital part in building a computer today whether it is a desktop or laptop. Having an SSD boot drive makes a computer significantly faster, consume less power and make the machine more efficient overall. Today there are many options to choose from but one of the old players include OCZ. OCZ have been around for quite some time and was recently acquired by Toshiba Corporation. Today we will be looking at the revision of their Vector SSD which is now called the Vector 150. Let’s check out the 120GB variant of the Vector 150 today!

OCZ’s Take on the Vector 150

Putting Hard Drives to Shame

Meet the storage expectations you didn’t know you had and experience accelerated application responsiveness, increased productivity, and improved energy efficiency with this simple upgrade.

Don’t Settle for Performance or Endurance

Get the best of both worlds and get a computing experience second to none. Vector 150 SSDs not only start off fast, but stay fast and offer a leading 5 year warranty with up to 50GB per day of host writes under consumer workloads.

Move on to the next page for the features and specifications of the Vector 150 SSD.

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