OCZ Vendetta 2 Heatpipe CPU Cooler


Now we have at our doorstep the Vendetta Dos ok the Vendetta 2. This new and improved Vendetta is bigger and sports a larger cooling fan. Naturally, we would think that a larger version of a similar cooler would deem better temps and higher overclocks. Well we are here today to see if the theory correct. 



It seems like today OCZ has their hands into everything. They are into PC building, power supply manufacturing and ram producing. But it seems that people are forgetting what OCZ’s initial venture was and that was cooling. Some time ago OCZ released the Vendetta cooler that was one of the better coolers we had tested. But you can count on OCZ to not sit around and let sleeping dogs lie. OCZ has one up the Vendetta.

Now we have at our doorstep the Vendetta Dos ok the Vendetta 2. This new and improved Vendetta is bigger and sports a larger cooling fan. Naturally, we would think that a larger version of a similar cooler would deem better temps and higher overclocks. Well we are here today to see if the theory correct.

Words from OCZ

The Vendetta 2 is an efficient new CPU cooler with a powerful 120mm fan design for maximum performance. Utilizing a distinctive stacked fin design and trend-setting heat pipe direct touch (HDT) design combined with a large low-noise fan, the Vendetta 2 is built to quietly solve the cooling challenges of today’s most powerful processors.

Utilizing the proven performance of the latest HTD design, the Vendetta 2 has direct contact with the processor using three copper heat pipes to ensure the most rapid heat transfer and a lighter weight. The dimple micro-configuration of the stacked aluminum fins adds turbulence, reducing the skin effect of laminar air flow for more efficient circulation within your case. The versatile and user-friendly Vendetta 2 is compatible with AMD AM2/939/754/755 and Intel 775 sockets and can be installed quickly and easily by end-users at all skill levels.

The Vendetta 2 offers an extra performance boost than the more compact original version. The ultra-quiet 120mm fan, with its anti-vibration rubber connectors to reduce excess noise, sets new standards for extremely efficient cooling performance at a price point that is still enticing to a variety of budgets.


Packaging and contents

OCZ is smart when it comes to packaging their products. Wording and coloring is big enough and bright enough to make it very visible amongst other similar products. The front of the box has a small window to show off some of what is in side.

Once you flip open the top of the box and get out what is inside you will see the cooler is well secured by pieces of Styrofoam. Also inside is a 3 to 4 pin adapter, fan, mounting hardware and an instruction guide.

Cooler Specifications

For Sockets AMD 754/755/939/AM2, Intel LGA775*       

3 Pure Copper heat pipes for superior heat dissipation       

Pure Aluminum fins for ultimate durability       

Heatsink Dimensions:(W)120 x (D)50 x (H)159mm   


Fan Specification


Fan Dimensions: (L)120 x (W) 120 x (H)25mm       

Rated Voltage: 12V DC       

Fan Speed: 800-1500 RPM       

Fan Air Flow: 65-81 CFM       

Noise Level: 20-32 dBA       

Bearing type: Rifle       

Connector: 4 pin with PWM       

Includes: 120mm Fan with rubber connectors       

Mounting Hardware for all above CPUs       

Thermal Compound



Closer look

If seems that OCZ missed some pretty important information like weight. But we did come to the conclusion that it weighs nowhere near what our old Ultra-120 from Thermalright does. So, I felt at ease when mounting it to our test motherboard.

It’s obvious to see that most of the cooler is made up of aluminum. And most of the cooler is the fins. And what is not made of aluminum is made of copper which would be the base and the heat pipes.

The heat pipes run through the fins which dissipates the heat away for the pipes.

The heat pipes are also part of the base in which OCZ labels HTD, Heat Pipe Direct Touch. And it simple to see what this technology is all about. Simply put the heat pipes comes in direct contact with the user’s CPU for quicker heat elimination.



Assembling the cooler for mounting is pretty simple. We begin by attaching the fan to the body of the cooler. To aid in less noise OCZ uses rubber tips that are first inserted into the four holes of the fan. Then the round lips of the rubber pieces are inserted into the valleys on the side of the cooler.

If you can mount a stock Intel cooler to your motherboard then you should not have an ounce of trouble with this cooler as it uses the stock Intel mounting mechanism.


Since we are now using a different motherboard we had to take the time to retest a couple of the coolers we still have laying around. Thank goodness one of those coolers was the original Vendetta. And being the reigning king here at Pro-Clockers we also used the Thermalright Ultra-120 as well for testing. We used the ASUS Probe to measuring temps during idle and load.


Testing Experiment


Intel Core2Duo E8400

OCZ DDR3 Platinum PC1800

Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Sapphire Ultimate 3870

Maxtor Diamond 10 100GB

HP DVD740 drive

Ultra ProX 800 power supply

Noctua cooling fan



During the idle process we found that the temps between all three were pretty close. With the new version Vendetta and the Ultra-120 being neck and neck and outperforming the original Vendetta by two degrees.

When a load was put on machine the order of performance remained the same. The Vendetta 2 and the Ultra-120 still were virtually close.



The Vendetta is a vast improvement of the original Vendetta cooler. It seems that taking the same design and making it larger does improve performance. Well in the case of the Vendetta that is. And not only did the addition of more mass improve its performance but put it in the same class as our reigning champ, the Thermalright Ultra-120.

The Vendetta 2 has a couple of advantages over the Thermalright unit. And one of those advantages would be the fact that the recommended cooling fan is bundled with the cooler. Eliminating the need to research fans which can be pretty difficult some times and very time consuming.

Another advantage would be that the Vendetta 2 doesn’t weigh as much as the Ultra-120. This would be a great feature as one would not be concerned with stress on the motherboard when mounting the cooler or when the system is placed in the vertical position.

Now what I didn’t like was the mounting of the cooler to the motherboard. Because of the size of the cooler made it difficult to twist the knobs needed to secure and remove it from the motherboard. Yes, it does eliminate having to remove the motherboard to remove or attach it but I rather have the inconvenience.

I like the Vendetta 2 so much that it made its way into my own rig.


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