OCZ ZS 650W Power Supply

OCZ ZS650The ZS series of power supplies from OCZ were just released this year. The series comes in three different wattage ratings of 550W, 650W and 750W. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the 650 watt model. The ZS 650 is a single 12 volt rail model that boasts an 85% efficiency rating. Lets see how well it stacks up against the other heavy hitters that have come across the test bench.


We found the OCZ ZS650 to be more than an adequate power supply. At 650 watts and providing 46 amps on the single 12v rail, it should be enough to power a very high end GPU or a couple of less powerful cards. Power and OCZ’s reliability is one thing but we have to take in account looks as well. It has to have enough connections for your needs, but is also nice to have a good looking power supply to go along with a new build. Take a look at any forum that has a thread on PC build or galleries, almost every system’s PSU match the motherboard as well as the rest of the build. The ZS series will be a good match for systems that uses a color scheme similar to an ASUS mid-range P67/Z68 lineup, with ASRock boards being a fairly good match as well. OCZ does a good job of putting together a well built, solid performing power supply. And to top it off, its backed by a three year warranty.

Newegg has the ZS650 currently priced at $89.99 not including the 10% off promo code.

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