OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank Review

Packaging and Contents

The OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank is packaged in a white box with relatively simple but effective graphics and product information. I actually liked that they packaged it in a way that doesn’t over crowd the limited space on the packaging giving it a clean and elegant look. On the front of the packaging it clearly shows a image of the device and information  like the capacity, battery type and recharge lifecycle. on the back of the packaging you have a list of the features and specifications.

Upon opening the box you immediately notice a scan able QR code that will bring you to their facebook page when scanned and you can follow and like them on facebook. Directly bellow this is a simple plastic tray that the Power Bank and a USB Cable rests inside, Under the tray you will find a simple one page instruction manual.

A closer look and our testing experience on the next page.

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