OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank Review

Closer Look

When un-boxing the OLALA Power Bank that first think you notice is the compactness and how stylish it is with its mostly white casing with dark gray trim accents, giving it a pure simple look.  When you hold it in your hand it feels very natural and comfortable ergonomically. Also in the box is a short USB cable, this is all contained in simple plastic packaging and under that all is a simple instructional sheet front and back. With a button on top that when pushed will light up the LED’s to indicate the battery level of the Power Bank.

Using the OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank

To use the OLALA Power Bank I would recommend using the short USB cable and changing the Power Bank.  Following this the power bank is small enough to fit in your pocket and will be ready to recharge your device by simply plugging it into the USB port. When fully charged the OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank is capable of charging almost any mobile device and is capable of charging a Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone from 0 to 100 percent. 


The OLALA 4400 mAh Power Bank I found lived up to my expectations and the ones set by the list of features.  The only feature that I did not test was the claim regarding the plastic casing it is made of being fire proof and fire retardant. Overall I would recommend the OLALA Power Bank to any user who’s digital mobile lifestyle has them away from a outlet for an extended period of time and will allow them to recharge on the go. You can find the OLALA 4400 mAh power bank at Amazon for $18.99.

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