OLALA C2-i 6000mAh iPod, iPhone, and iPad Power Bank Review


As technology advances, and people become more digital savvy, the trend of carrying various mobile devices is at an all-time high. Cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth Speakers are just some of the devices we rely on to keep us informed, connected, and enhance our daily digital lives. One thing all mobile devices have in common is the need to re-charge their power sources. Apple users have an easy solution available, the OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank. The OLALA C2-i 60000mAh will help keep most of your iOS devices like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad charged.

Once you depart for the day, the requirement for your devices to work, when you need them to, becomes very important. It’s very frustrating, and never convenient when your device quits during a conversation or while retrieving an email or text. The sleek and robust OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank can help. Quickly plug into the attached lightening cable or use a standard USB and your productivity can resume.


OLALA’s aim is to provide happiness to your everyday life through their diversified products. OLALA is comprised of designers who are passionate about the best user experience with the latest technologies. They produce simple peripherals engineered with high quality and ingenuity, to accentuate your high tech lifestyles.

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