OLALA C2-i 6000mAh iPod, iPhone, and iPad Power Bank Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

With a large variety of power banks on the market, with multiple options, I was very pleased with the OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank. Not only did it exceed the stated performance, but the construction is robust and able to endure a highly mobile lifestyle with its various challenges.

It easily resides in a pocket with a recharging device. The white pearl like finish is very appealing and matches well with the different versions of the various Apple products it supports.

The inclusion of a built in lightning cable is a life saver for those of us who misplace our cables on a regular basis, however depending on the device you charge, the Power Bank could be more flexible if the lightning cable was longer. I found the two inch extension of the lightning cable tended to limit the angle of the device being charged, however always worked. The ability to charge two devices simultaneously is a feature many customers will use and appreciate.

The OLALA C2-i 6000mAh Power Bank charged my iphone 5 three and a quarter times, which slightly exceeded the stated abilities of the power Bank. This product definitely met all the requirements customers would expect from a modern charging solution, that’s why we are giving it the ProClockers Recommended rating.


  • Built in lightning cable
  • Solid construction and trendy finish
  • Slightly faster recharge time
  • Ability to charge two devices simultaneously


  • Length of built in lightning cable could be longer.


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