Orico GV100 High-speed Portable 512GB NVMe SSD Review

Unboxing & A Closer Look

Orico’s GV100 Portable High-Speed NVMe SSD comes in a small white box with a picture of the drive on the front and the capacity denoted in a sticker at the bottom right.

The rear of the box has a few basic specs in several languages.

Inside the outer sleeve is a black cardboard tray, with a plastic tray inside holding the drive.

Under the tray you find a pair of short cords, a USB Type-A to Type C and a Type C to Type C. A small bit of paperwork joins it.

The drive itself is a small keychain style with the main body being made of anodized aluminum and the rest from ABS plastic.

Both sides appear to be LASER etched with the model on the front and the capacity and relevant info on the back.

The business end of the drive has a USB Type-C port and a small pinhole through which shines a blue LED to indicate power and activity.

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