Orico GV100 High-speed Portable 512GB NVMe SSD Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Orico’s GV100 High-Speed Portable NVMe SSD fills the gap between traditional flash drives and unmovable storage in your machine. You get the raw speed of an internal drive but on a device that can go almost anywhere with you. The drive itself is built well and should survive on a keychain during the daily grind, but the large eye on the rear gives you plenty of options for bringing it along with you. High-performance drives can produce a lot of heat, sometimes to the point of throttling but Orico’s aluminum case seems to be up to the task and we never saw the drive get that warm. The USB Type-C connectivity opens you up on what you can connect to, such as laptops, Macbooks, cell phones and almost any desktop. If you need portable storage that you don’t have to wait on, look no further!

Great job Orico!

Orico has kindly provided a coupon code for our readers if you need one of these. To use, simply click the Amazon button, add the drive to your cart, and use the coupon code below to save $28 during checkout.

Code: H32SVSZR
20% Off
Expiration date: 2/10/2020

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