Patriot EVLVR Thunderbolt 3 External 1TB SSD

Unboxing & A Closer Look

Patriots EVLVR Thunderbolt 3 portable SSD comes in a small white box with a picture of the drive on the front.  The capacity is shown up top in the center, 1TB in our case but the drive also comes in a 512GB size as well.

A few features are found on the back as well as a quick decryption of the drive and its purpose.

The side just shows the model and the EVLVR logo.

The front cover opens up and you can see the drive itself as well as the Thunderbolt 3 cable ends through the window.

Inside, the drive is cradled in a solid block of white foam with the cable wrapped around it. A few cutouts let you get your fingers under each to remove it easily.

The drive itself is very sleek with a soft textured aluminum shell. The EVLVR logo is painted on the top.

The back side has two rubber feet to keep the drive from sliding around as well as the 1TB side noted.

The only thing to note on the edges is the TB3 connection and indicator light on one end.

If we peel the rubber feet back slightly, we can get to three screws. The corner with the TB3 connection doesn’t have a screw.

The Thunderbolt 3 chip breaks the PCIe lanes out of the TB3 connection to feed them to the drive inside. The controller appears to support a full PCIe 3.0 x4 drive.

Under the logic board, we find an M.2 drive. A thick thermal pad is supposed to transfer heat to the aluminum shell, but someone at the factory forgot to remove the protective film on one side.

While some heat will get through, it’s not going to work anywhere near as well as intended. We’ll peel this off when we put it back together.

The drive itself is a pretty generic M.2 2280 drive. Four NAND packages, a DRAM cache and a Controller IC are visible. The sticker doesn’t give us much information short of ‘1TB’.

The drive is easy to remove should you want or need to replace it.

The DRAM cache is provided by a 512MB MicronDDR3L chip. The brains of the operation is Phison’s 2nd gen PS5008-E8-10 controller, a PCIe x2 quad-channel controller that is quite popular on more affordable x2 drives lately. Four Toshiba BiCS 2 TLC 3D NAND Flash packages provide the 1TB of space.

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