Patriot Ignite 960GB SATA SSD Review

A Closer Look

The drive features a tri-color decal that covers most of the top of the drive. The look is a bit plain compared to some of the more recent drives we have seen. Red and black is a very popular color theme among system builders and the Ignite would look right at home with many of those builds.

The bottom cover features a metal cover snaps into place. Another decal makes an appearance here as well. This decal contains the product specific information.

Inside we find 512MB of Nanya DDR3L 1333  SDRAM buffer chip and Micron’s 16nm asynchronous MLC NAND flash. The PCB is secured by the housing. The shell is made from stamped metal. On the opposite side is a Phison PS3110-S10 quad-core controller. The eight-channel controller is capable delivering high read/write speeds for both compressible and incompressible data, as well as high IOPS. There is a thermal pad to help dissipate heat from the Phison controller to the drive’s housing.


Let’s move on to testing in the next page.

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