Patriot LX Series 256GB High Speed microSDXC Class 10 UHS-3 Review

Packaging & A Closer Look 

The front shows the LX Series 256GB High Speed Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-3 inside a blister pack. Labeled with the Patriot logo, Fast Transfer Speeds up to 90MB/s, and showing ideal for Cameras, Phones, and Tablets. 

The rear shows the Patriot P logo. Says microSDXC devices only and a 30 MB/s minimum sustained write speed in 8 different languages. Along with all the internet Social Media/Websites for Patriot. 

Here we have pictures of the front and back of the SDXC. The card has the Patriot logo, 256GB size, and microSDXC UHS-3/Class 10. The microSD to SD adapter has the Patriot Logo and microSD label on the front. 

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