Patriot Viper Gaming Mouse V570 Blackout & Viper Gaming Mouse Pad Review


Patriot Viper Gaming Mouse V570 Blackout & Viper Gaming Mouse Pad

Computer mice and mouse pads have not only given us a point of interaction with our computers, they also allow us to define our unique computing needs. Computer mice and mice pads are no longer a one size fits all. Let’s face it, everyone is different, how we use our mice may not necessarily be how others use or grip their mouse. Case in point, we like our mice to be lightweight and have a high DPI capability, also smaller mice fits our hands a little better, some people are the complete opposite of us, they like to use a slightly heavier mouse, lower DPI, and larger sized mice. When it comes to mice surfaces, we tend to like board styles. 

So with that all being said it just proves that even among brothers that we each have our own unique and personal computing styles. So there is no one size fits all when it comes to our interaction with our computers. Especially when it pertains to mice, and mice surfaces. Which brings us to this particular review, we here at Proclockers going to looking at another mouse, and mouse board from Patriot. The mouse, in particular, is the Viper V570 Blackout, alongside the Viper gaming mouse pad. Both of these products are also RGB lighted, that allow us to change the coloring to fit our unique personalities, or moods.

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