Patriot Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse Review



It’s no secret that when it comes to gaming, I am a bit of a snob about the gear that I add to my personal collection. This is because I believe with all my being that better hardware makes for a better gaming experience. In my last mouse review, you can read about one of the best optical mice I have ever owned, and in this review I am going to introduce you to a laser-based mouse that could end up very high on my list.

If you read my last review, you know that I am reviewing some samples from Patriot from their new Viper line of gaming peripherals. In this review I am going to take a look at Patriot’s new Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse. The company claims that the V650 has been designed for the most fervent gamers, so let’s dive in and see if it can hold up to the hype!

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