Patriot Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse Review


Much like the other gaming accessories in the Patriot Viper line, the V650 Laser Gaming Mouse ships in a vibrant red and black box that is adorned with a mixture of glossy and matte finished graphics.


The back is quite similar to the front and features a diagram of the mouse’s key features.


The sides deviate from the front and back with an all-black background, and includes a side profile image of the V560, as well as some feature descriptions.


Opening the front “door” on the box reveals a vacuum-formed clamshell that protects the V650 from damage. This allows you to get a feel for how the mouse will fit in your hand before you purchase it.


With the packaging out of the way, we see that the Viper V560 ships with a mysterious black puck, an optional grip, and a thick envelope.

Looking inside the envelope we find a pair of Viper logo stickers, a quick start guide, and a promotional insert.


A quick look at that mysterious black puck reveals that it is actually a container of some sorts. It’s quite heavy for its size, and I suspect it is housing the weight inserts that are used to customize the weight of the mouse.


My suspicions were confirmed when I twisted the cap off. Housed inside are six small weights.  With that mystery solved, let’s move in closer for a better look!

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