Patriot Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look


Our first look at the Viper V650 Laser Gaming Mouse shows a very unique and aggressive profile. Looking from the top, you can see that the mouse features a wide thumb-wheel, with two customizable buttons directly behind it. Note that the top surface of the mouse is coated with a soft-touch finish.


Looking at a side-profile shot, the mouse features concave thumb-rest, and a couple of buttons. The lower rocker-switch is used to change the DPI, while the top two buttons are customizable. At the front of this side you can see the LED DPI indicator.


A ¾-profile view of the right-hand side of the mouse shows how large and aggressive this mouse truly is. For someone like me with larger hands, this is a very nice feature. Also note the translucent white stripe below the Viper logo. This stripe is illuminated with an RGB LED and is used as a visual indicator of which profile is currently in use.


Taking a look at a front-profile shot, the aggressive stance I pointed out is very clear. Patriot designed this mouse to dominate the battlefield, and you can definitely tell this when ingame. Also note the two front LEDs, these also change color based on which profile is active.


Looking at the bottom of the mouse, you can see what truly sets the Viper V560 apart from its competition, the ceramic glides. These glides are made from a super-dense ceramic material that is polished to a mirror finish. They are literally so shiny that I could see myself in them. That is why I have blurred them just a little.


While looking at the bottom you will also notice a small red button. When pushed, this button will allow the right-side finger rest to slide out. Experienced readers will notice that there is no access from the bottom of the mouse to add the weights. This is another reason this red button is here.


With the stock finger-rest removed, you can see where Patriot decided to hide the weight carrier. I am not sure if placing the weights this high from the base has any significant impact on gaming performance, but I kinda like it. Note the small ejection button to the right of the weight tray.


With the weight tray out we can see that they are held firmly in place by a silicone pad. Now that we found it, let’s add some weights!


With the weights removed, we can see that they each have a pair of precision grooves machined into them. The wrights simply press fit into silicone inside the the weight tray, so I am sure these groves are just there for aesthetics or for precision weight tuning.


I like a heavy mouse, so I added all six weights, but I could have added any amount I wanted. With them being located so centrally to the mouse, even using just a single weight does not make the mouse feel imbalanced.


Replacing the weight tray is as simple as just pushing it back in until it locks into place.


With the weight tray locked into place, we can add the right-side finger-rest back. I chose to stick with the stock rest, as it fit my gaming style the best.


Here is a quick shot to show you what the included, optional finger rest looks like when installed.


As you can see, the optional finger rest greatly expands the footprint of the mouse, and adds enough room that your hand can be completely removed from the gaming surface. I prefer to let my pinky finger drag the mousepad as a sort of feedback system for very minute moves so I switched back to the stock finger rest.


Like all of the other peripherals in the Viper line, the V560 features a sleeved red on black USB cable. The braid is very tight-woven and feels like paracord.


Additionally,the USB connector is the same as on the other products in this line. Patriot has  gold-plated the USB connector to ensure maximum connectivity. Well I think that thoroughly covers the Viper V560’s features, and we have had about as thorough of a look as we possibly can. Let’s move on and take a look at the software.


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