Patriot Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

The Software


Much like all gaming mice on the market today, the Patriot Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse features it’s own control and customization software. Patriot does not ship the software with the mouse, so you will have to head to the mouse’s support page to download it.


Once installed, the software will run in the background, and you can access it via the system tray. Double clicking on the software’s icon will open this window. On the first tab you can see that this is where you reassign keys to specific functions. By clicking on any of the button’s boxes the window pictured below will open up. Note that you can reassign each button across five different profiles. Here you can see that profile one is marked as red. This color will display on the mouse’s LED illumination to indicate what profile is active.

This mouse offers 5 profiles for saving customized button assignments and macro scripts. The Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Turquoise lights indicate each profile at a glance. Additionally, each profile is able to record up to 9 macro scripts.


Here you can see the Mouse Function Tab. This tab allows you to reassign any button on the mouse to function like another button on the mouse. In the event you want to reset to default, you can do that here as well.


The next tab over allows you to reassign the mouse button you clicked to any key on the standard QWERTY keyboard, as well as multimedia keys.


Under the advanced function tab, you can see that we can turn several advanced features on and off.


The Macro tab allows you to assign macros created in the Macro Creator window we will see later.


The final tab is the Key Cycle tab. Here you can specify user defined key cycles and set them to run different patterns.


Here you can see that Profile two and three are colored green and blue respectively.


Here you can see that profiles four and five are colored purple and turquoise respectively.


On the Sensor tab, you can set custom DPI levels for each of the modes.


This is the Macro Editor window and allows recording of all the keyboard and mouse commands through this powerful recording function.

The macro settings include four windows, and the macro List has maximum 64 lines to be set up by users. Every macro can be named and saved to indicate the meaning or function of macro. Note that a maximum 14 letters or characters are allowed on each line.


The final tab allows you to change the laser’s polling rate, set some general options, and backup, restore, and reset the mouse’s settings. Well that about covers the software. Let’s move on to testing, and then wrapping this review up!

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