Patriot Wildfire 120GB Solid State Drive


Most of our testing shows the Wildfire solid state drives from Patriot is one of the fastest of the SATA III drives we’ve tested here at Pro-Clockers. This goes to show that you don’t have to be the larger manufacturer in order to put out one of the fastest drives available. Sharing the lead with Corsair’s Force3, the Wildfire is definitely worthy of being the operating drive in any performance-critical or gaming rig.

The Wildfire is no slug as it boasts transfer numbers of 555MB/s Read and 520MB/s Write. These numbers spells one of the fastest consumer based solid state drives on the market. Our tests didn’t quite see these numbers, sometimes due to the benchmark’s compression, but in many of them it was the fastest drive tested.

The Wildfire has a lot of technology built in it to make it the performer that it is. Two of the more important technologies like the DuraClass and DuraWrite to better use the ‘program cycles to the flash’ which result in durability, reliability and performance.

The 120GB of the Patriot Wildfire retailers for $299 before any rebates.

{aseadnetadblock|Patriot Wildfire|Patriot Pyro|PW120GS25SSDR}

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