Performance-PCs Smart WiFi RGB LED Controller Review



Accessorizing your latest PC build is becoming more and more popular these days. Everything from paint to windows to lighting are the norm in the community. RGB LED lighting is starting to take hold over single color lighting though because of its ability to be any color the user chooses on demand. One of the first consumer PC-oriented RGB LED controllers was the NZXT HUE. And while the HUE did a great job you needed to access the front of your case to make changes to the color. Taking that up a notch is the new Smart WiFi LED controller that our friends over at is offering. Performance-PCs was kind enough to send us a kit with some RGB LED strips to check out so let’s get to it!


About the Smart WiFi LED Controller:

“PPCS NEW WIFI-V01 controller appeared with the installation of controlling software on mobile devices with Android or IOS system, it can remote control LED lighting products through WiFi, which makes LED control more intelligent and humanization. One WIFI-V01 controller can be used as dimmer, CT controller, and RGB controller, only need to select the right control interface in the software. In addition, this model has DIY function. Users can get any effect they want based on our controlling software. If you don’t have any mobile devices with the controlling software at hand, you could also use our RF remote control to control it. This model designed for constant voltage led products, such as led strip, led modules. For controlling more led products, amplifier is available.”

Let’s  move on and take a look at the features and specifications now.

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