Performance-PCs Smart WiFi RGB LED Controller Review

FreeColor Android App


The FreeColor app for Android can be found here.


The app info screen is standard for what you’d see while browsing any app on the Google Play store.


The permissions for FreeColor only include WiFi connection information.


Once the app is installed and the unit powered on go into your WiFi settings and find the WiFi network named “HX001” and connect to it. This is the WiFi network of the RGB LED controller.


Once you’ve connected to the proper network open the FreeColor app. Once the app opens you’ll have the screen above. The top left button that looks like a camera lens is to save your DIY sequence. To the right is the on/off button. In the center you have the color wheel to select the desired color an intensity. The slider under the wheel changes the brightness.


Now here’s where I ran into trouble with the app. I only have an Android device handy so I can’t say if this is the same with the iOS app. The three wheels you see here are supposed to control different lighting modes and whatnot but all they do for me (Droid Turbo running KitKat) is make it flash red and green really fast no matter what wheel I move. Looking through the reviews in the Google Play store this seems to be a common issue.


The film roll icon is where all of your saved sequences are stored for easy playback. You can store up to 12 sequences.


I also ran into a bug on the settings screen. You can see here how the settings are all smushed together at the top. I can still access them though so that’s a plus.

Let’s wrap up this review with some final thoughts.

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