Performance-PCs Smart WiFi RGB LED Controller Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion



Overall the Performance-PC’s Smart WiFi RGB LED Controller is a neat little piece of kit. The ability to remotely control the color and lighting patterns inside your PC is a great idea. The handheld RF remote works perfectly although I can’t say the same for the FreeColor app – well at least not the Android version of the app.

The manual color controls on both the remote and app however work flawlessly. The Manual that comes with the kit is printed very small and it a little hard to make out without good eyes or a magnifying glass but once it’s hooked up you’re good to go. To get it up and running all you need is three AAA batteries and a 12-24VDC power source for the controller itself whether it be a wall wart or cut up Molex power cable for inside your PC.

The Smart WiFi RGB LED controller retails for just $49.99 and the LED strips range from $7.95 to 22.95 depending on the length. The LED’s are VERY bright at full brightness and the strips are pretty densely packed so you won’t need a very long strip to light up the inside of your case.

I’m giving this product our recommended award due to the fact that the Android app is incomplete. I can’t say the same about he iOS app as I don’t have an iOS device to test with. A huge thanks goes out to our friends over at for supplying up with this controller and LED strips to review!


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