Philips BASS+ On-ear Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Taking a look at the front of the packaging we see that the box is orange with some notable things on the front. Firstly, in the top left corner we see the Philips logo with Bass+ underneath and the model, this one being the On-Ear version. In the middle of the box is the profile shot of the headphones themselves. Bass+ in big bold lettering and the Active Noise-canceling branding in the middle states this headphone has that feature. In the bottom left corner is the Bluetooth logo as well as some key features like Handsfree calls, and 95% less background noise with the active noise canceling turned on.

Turning the box to its side, we see a large BASS+ in white with an orange background.

On the other side of the packaging, we see the key features: Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, Big Bold Bass, large battery life 15hrs with ANC (active noise canceling) on and 18hrs with ANC off, Fast Charging, Compact folding, and Mic and control.

Flipping the package over we see a clear plastic window with the first look at the headphones. The same orange packaging. Below the Philips logo and the BASS+ is the model number TABH305. At the bottom of the backside is some technical specs.

Top of the box shows what’s included in the box and the phrase ”Wireless on-ear headphones with mic” in multiple languages.

Removing the white plastic tray from the box we see the headphones. They are twist-tied to the tray.

Included in the package is some warranty information, information, and quick start guides as well as Notice of Compliances. A 1’ micro USB charging cable is included as well.

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