Philips BASS+ On-ear Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset Review

A Closer Look

Taking the headphones off of the plastic tray first thing I noticed was how light these headphones are. On the right ear cup is where all of our controls are. These headphones are all black with some foam around the ear cups as well as around the top of the head strap. We can see the large BASS+ logo on the left earcup.

A small section of leather-wrapped foam on top of comfort.

Here we can see just how big the ear cups are. More foam means more comfort.

On the right cup, as I had mentioned earlier, is where all the controls are. On the flat part of the ear cup is the main music and call answering button. This button will play and pause music as well as answer and hang up phone calls.

On that same ear cup is the power button. Right above the power button is the status LED. This lights up when the headset is charging if the headset is in Bluetooth mode. Below that status LED is the power button. Long pressing this turns the headset on or off. Underneath the power button is the microphone. Below the microphone we can see the micro USB charging port. This is a fast-charging port.

On the other side of the ear cup is the Active Noise Control button. When this button is pressed then there is a status LED next to it as well that lights up green. The button has the letters NC on it. Below the NC button is the volume up and down keys.

Here we can see that the headphones have multiple pivot points. Due to these multiple pivot points, these headphones can lay flat for storage.

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