Philips BASS+ On-ear Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset Review


The first thing you do with all new Bluetooth headphones is pair them with your device. I had a bit of a hard time doing this. I followed the instructions that were included and even went as far as to look online but couldn’t get the headphones to pair. It states in the instructions press and hold the power for 2 seconds and it will go into pair mode. That wasn’t the case. I thought maybe I had a bad set or maybe my android-powered device didn’t like this headset so I grabbed my fiances iPhone and tried again. The same result, the device wouldn’t pop up on the bluetooth menu. At this point I’m at a loss so I’m getting ready to write the manufacturer when I have a thought. This headset has to be able to reset somehow but how do I do this? What happens if I hold the power button down and the large button on the face of the earcup? While the headset didn’t reset I was able to get the device in pairing mode. I believe this is how you have to do it, hold the large multifunction button as well as the power button will cycle into pairing mode.

When the headset is in pairing mode the status LED flashes blue and white. That’s how I knew I was in the right mode. Also, the headset talks to you, says ANC on when Active Noise Control is on, or ANC off when it is turned off, Bluetooth Connected, etc.

Firing up a YouTube channel to test out the bass of these headphones, I was pleasantly surprised. The bass sounds good. The headset was very comfortable to wear and I could see long use times not being an issue. I was able to test out the ANC functions as well and was actually snuck up on a couple of times when I was in thought and my fiance or small child would sneak into the office. I handed my fiance the headphones and asked her what her thoughts were. She said “ They are really comfortable, and I like the sound.” I messed around with the ANC function with her, and she was pretty impressed as well. The ANC  function, I think, is the best feature of these headphones.

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