Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The Philips Bass+ True Wireless In-Ear headphones come in a bright orange box. The top left corner of the box shows the Philips brand name with the Bass+ name and the model. This isn’t the only model of headphones in the Bass+ line. Next, to the logo, we see a picture of what product is in the box. This picture shows us the relative size of the headphones. In the middle of the package, the model name is shown in large writing. Below that we have a Bluetooth symbol as well a microphone stating that these headphones can be used to make hands-free calls. Lastly, we see a picture of the charging case which states that the case itself without being plugged into the wall will provide and additional 6+hrs of charge.

The side of the box has the Bass+ name and the Philips logo on the top.

The backside of the packaging in the top corner has the same Philips logo that we saw on the front. The most noticeable part of this side is the large see-through plastic window which sows the product. Here we can see the 2 earbuds as well as what appears to be 2 different sized tips. We can also see the edge of the charging case. In the middle of the packaging are the words Feel It. These headphones are specifically made for deep bass sounds. We will test this later. On the bottom right is a chart that shows technical specs of the speakers such as frequency range, sensitivity, impedance, speaker drives, Bluetooth power, and Bluetooth frequency range. Along the right corner of the box is a link to Philip’s website.

On the other side of the packaging, we see multiple symbols meaning different things. The top one states that these are Bluetooth headphones, below that the headphones have a 6hr battery life and the charging case will provide 6hours of additional charging. Big bold bass is under the battery symbol, these headphones are designed to really make you feel your music. Stability for a secure fit, the earbuds come with 3 different sized ear tips; small, medium and large ear tips for all different types of ears. Mic and control are the last one, you can answer phone calls and talk with these headphones as well as navigate music and change volume.

On the top of the box, after I removed the black hanger, we can see what is included in the package. That is as follows: The earbuds, 1 charging case, 1 micro USB cable, and 3 different sized ear tips.

Removing the inner tray from the package we are greeted with the contents. Here we can see the charging case along the right side and how big it is. The top left has one set of ear tips while the middle bottom has a different set. The earbuds are along the left side. The charging case has a nice strap to it which is underneath the USB charging cable in the bottom right.

Included with the earbuds and charging case is a quick start guide. This was the first thing that I referenced as I turned the earbuds on but couldn’t figure out how to make them work. Also included is a notice of compliance paper and a micro-USB charging cable.

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