Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds Review

A Closer Look

The charging case is and an all-black charging case that is circular. We can see the Philips name etched into the plastic. Along the left side of the case, we can see the carrying strap, this is a nice nylon strap that appears to be rather rugged.

Sliding open the case we can see that the outer shell is a little opaque. The inside portion of the charging case has 2 places where the earbuds attach. We can see 2 contact points in the middle of each earbud section which is how each of them gets charged. One thing that I had noticed was there is a slight magnet on each side which was a nice touch as it makes sure that each earbud is connected securely and properly. It is also a good feature if the charging case comes open for some reason, it would help to keep the earbud in place.

On the side of the charging case, we can see the micro USB connector to charge the case and the earbuds. On this side as well we can see the nylon carrying strap.

With the earbuds in place, we can see that there is a white light that shines when the earbud is connected to the case and charging. Once the earbud has charged this light will turn off.

Here we can see the earbuds. Both earbuds are an identical mirror of the other one. Both of the earbuds have buttons in the middle. This is a multi-function button that will act as a power button, volume button, navigation of music as well as answer and hang up incoming phone calls.

Flipping the earbuds over we can see the ear tips as well as the contact points for charging. We can see a support fin on both of them, this is used to help secure the headphone in your ear for ease of use and comfort. This fin, while appearing to be hard, is soft rubber.

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