Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds Review


First thing I did after taking the headphones out of the box was put them in my ears. It seemed that the ear tips that were pre-installed were a tad too big for my ears. It was awesome to see that Philips provides multiple sizes because not everyone is the same. I would hate to have earbuds that didn’t fit and lose one of them. After finding the perfect fit I placed both earbuds in my ears and pressed the middle of each to turn them on. This was a given for me as to how to turn them on, however, if you consult the quick start guide you would have figured it out right away.

With both earbuds on I navigated in my phone to the Bluetooth menu and located both earbuds. While pairing both was easy, they both show up as separate devices. I would’ve like to see them separate the 2 with a different name or even L and R. With both earbuds connected to my phone it was time to test these out. I opened my favorite Spotify playlist and started to listen. One thing I noticed at first was I couldn’t hear the music very well. I opened my phone and turned up the volume, however, the volume maxed on my phone but I still couldn’t hear. I pushed the middle button on both earbuds and still the same low volume. Pressed again this time double-tapping and nothing, the only thing that happened was the song skipped. I decided at this point that I would consult the manual. Grabbing the manual from the box it informed me that in order to raise the volume on the earbuds I would have to press the left earbud twice and it would raise the volume. Going back to the headphones, I pressed the left earbud twice and the song skipped. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I read the manual again and tried a 2nd time. Still, nothing worked properly. At this point it was late and I was tired so I turned them off and set them down.

The next day I repaired the headphones to my phone and tried again. I opened up my favorite Spotify playlist and tried again. This time after pairing to my phone and pressing the left earbud twice the volume went up. The only thing that I can think of is with my Android-based phone, my phone can pair multiple things at once. When I first paired these headphones, it asked me if I wanted them to be dual paired meaning that the audio would come out of both items at once, IE 2 Bluetooth speakers in stereo. You do not need to do this with these headphones. When you do that it acts as though these are 2 separate devices vs 1 pair of headphones.

Now that I could hear my music it was time to test out the quality. Being that these are called Bass+ I put on a couple of different playlists including Hip-Hop as well as electronic music. The quality of these headphones was incredible. I could hear the highs and lows. The bass sounded great in them. The battery life was great as well. Being that I could put these in, and go walk the dog, or mow the lawn and be able to hear my music was awesome. While out walking the dog, I had received a phone call. It was easy to switch over to the phone call. The conversation was clear and the caller on the other end had no problem hearing me. Switching back to my music was just as easy. My only complaint is that the charging case is a tad large. When having it in my pocket I can feel its bulk and it can be a bit intrusive. If you had a purse or a backpack where you could throw the charging case in, this would be a non-issue.

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