Plextor M6S 256GB SSD Review

Packaging and Closer Look

The M6S comes in a bright yellow box with a picture of the drive on the front. It has a nice glossy look.

The back of the box is much like the front. There are also some basic information on the drive.

The drive is held in a molded clear plastic tray. An installation guide is included, but nothing else.

Plextor has splashed the M6S with a metallic silver finish. The design is simplistic, as well as elegant.

The bottom cover features a metal cover held in place by four screws. A decal contains the product specific information, serial number, etc.

Inside we find the backside of a single sided PCB. The PCB is secured to the housing with four screws. The shell is made from stamped metal.

The other side contains a Marvell 88SS9188 controller, 512MB of DDR3, and toggle-mode Toshiba flash memory.


Let’s move on to testing in the next page.

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