Plextor M6S 256GB SSD Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Plextor M6S 256 GB SSD is quite a good offering. The finish of the drive looks quite nice and stands out against a market of decal ladened drives. Build quality also seems to match the drive’s external finish. All the internal components were well chosen and the benchmarks reflect that.

ATTO recorded as read speed of 519 MB/s. This almost exactly matches the specification provided by Plextor. ATTO also recorded as write speed of 450 MB/s. This is around 7% faster than specification. It is fairly uncommon for a drive to actually exceed the manufacturer’s stated specifications. In every other test, the M6S met or exceeded expectations as well.

The Plextor M6S 256 GB is available online for around $129.99 online. This certainly makes the M6S a good deal. There is some tough competition in this price range, but I think the M6S is quite a capable drive. Plextor should do quite well with it.


  • Well Priced
  • High Quality Components
  • Exceeded Manufacturer’s Specifications


  • None


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