PNY GeForce GTX 980 Ti Review


It has been 13 months since Nvidia released its Maxwell architecture large GPU’s. The new GTX 980 took the industry by storm. It was not long before enthusiasts were starting to wonder a GTX 980 Ti was going to be released and how it would perform. It took another 9 months they had their answer, but what an answer it was.

Like the rest of the GTX 900 series, the 980 Ti is a bit different from the 780 Ti replaces. The raster operations pipelines count has been increased from 48 to 96. The texture mapping units have been decreased from 240 to 176. The new card features 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM on a 384 bit bus versus 3GB. The new CUDA core count is now 2816 versus 2880. All of this while still having the same power requirements as the previous card.

Powered by the Maxwell architecture, these graphics cards deliver incredible performance, excellent power efficiency, and wide range of new features. Nvidia added support for the new HDMI 2.0 standard, allowing for full 4K support at 60 Hz. They also added the ability to dynamically render indirect light using the new VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination) technology. Another new feature is DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), which uses an advanced filter to scale down the image to fit the monitor’s default resolution. 

PNY’s take on the Geforce 980 Ti


Gear up for next-gen gaming with the GeForce® GTX™ 980 Ti.

The most powerful two letters in the world of GPUs. When paired with our flagship gaming GPU, GeForce GTX 980, it gives you incredible new levels of performance and capabilities. GTX 980 Ti is accelerated by the groundbreaking NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture to deliver an unbeatable 4K and virtual reality experience. With 2816 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores and 6 GB of memory, it has the horsepower to drive whatever comes next.

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