Primochill Mod/Smart Single Braid Maxcord Cable Set Review


Good and tidy cable management can really improve how your rig looks inside particularly if you like windowed cases to showcase your prized hardware. Power supplies with modular cabling is the way to go if you want better cable management but if you still find the stock cables unappealing and unmanageable, having the cables custom-made is the option and one of the best sources of custom-made cables today can be found at Primochill. Today, we will be taking a look at one of Primochill’s Mod/Smart Single Braid Maxcord Cable sets which is for EVGA’s G2/P2/T2 Series modular power supplies.

Primochill is under Tyler Industries, LLC which is a family owned and family operated company specializing in computer cooling and computer modification supplies located in the beautiful high desert city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Primochill’s Take on the Single Braid Maxcord Cable Sets

The Single Braid Maxcord Cable Set is designed to replace your stock main power cables with style. Who has the time to single braid your cables? Save hours and hours of tedious labor with this already done set. Single braided with Maxcord sleeving, these cables will increase cable appearance in show piece and custom computer builds.

This set includes the MAIN CABLES needed for you PSU that cannot be hidden. Most peripheral cables can be completely hidden and don’t always need to be completely customized. Compatible cable sets are for power supplies listed below:

  • Cooler Master – V Series Modular PSU
  • Corsair –  AX Platinum Series 860/760 (Gen 2) Modular PSU
  • Corsair – AXI Platinum Series 1500/1200/860/760 (Gen 2) Modular PSU
  • EVGA – G2/P2/T2 Series Modular PSU
  • Seasonic – Platinum Series / X Series Modular PSU
  • Silverstone – Strider Series Modular PSU
  • Thermaltake – Grand Gold Series Modular PSU

Check out the this link to view the selection of cable sets from the Primochill website. Let’s move on to the next page for the features, specifications and compatibility.

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