Prolimatech Lynx CPU Cooler

Closer look

The Lynx like we started above in the introduction is basically a smaller version of the Panther. It also is made you of two set of aluminum fins inter-connected at the center of the cooler allowing for more surface area.

In order to keep the cost down Prolimatech eliminated any graphical logos on the top of the cooler like the Panther face we saw before.

The outer edges of the cooler are pretty straight-forward. There is none of the ridges and grooves like in the Panther.

The Lynx uses three nickel-plated heat pipes to support the aluminum structure. This starts at the top of the cooler runs down to the base and back up again to end at the opposite side of the cooler.

The base of the Lynx reflection is near the same level of the brother being smooth and no shiny. One thing we did notice about the Lynx compared to the Panther is the actual base is wider than the Panther covering more of the CPU’s IHS. And at the same time the actual plate was thinner.

The Lynx is packaged with a 120mm black PWN-controlled fan. The specifications are as follows: 120x120x25 and rotated between 800 and 1600 RPM.

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