Republic of Gamers Ryujin 360 AIO Review

ROG Ryujin 360 AIO Software Setup

If you have Asus Armory crate installed, the Ryujin will automatically be recognized once the driver installs. You can find the Armory Crate download on the ASUS site. Amory Crate is an app that allows you full control over lighting, fan controls, firmware downloads, game library and more.

Make sure to check for a firmware update because Asus is constantly improving their products and, currently at the time of this publishing, is still updating the Ryujin AIOs.


Up next, we can switch logos on the OLED. Asus offers their own mix of displays where you can monitor and control different stats on your pc, from Temp to Voltage and even water-flow.

You can customize them into a slideshow, displaying 5 different stats to fulfill your information needs.

Want something ROG but with a custom logo? Select Custom Banner and you can type a message in. You can also add your own animation to the mix.


Even though the Ryujin has a single tiny RGB strip, it’s mighty bright and can even be seen during the daytime. The Ryujin comes with 6 separate effects, and AURA effects allows you to have 4 more effects on top of that. If you’re feeling creative, you can use the Aura Creator and become light-room DJ, creating a different mix of effects into a cool lightshow.

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