Republic of Gamers Ryujin 360 AIO Review

Overclocking the Ryujin 360 AIO

Even though this isn’t a custom loop, with big time reservoirs and a custom mild block, you’ll still be able to overclock your CPU, just mind the jet noises. I did a control test on CinabenchR20 hitting a score of 6107, which was higher than previous testing.

Using Xtreme Tuning Utility, we achieved 5.1GHz which created some work for the Ryujin. Here we saw temps max out at 84C and we received a cinabenchR20 score of 6219. Not too bad. Attempting to run all cores at 5.2Ghz gave me some problems, however. Mainly, it won’t run at 5.2Ghz. It gets about halfway through Cinabench when temps begin to reach 100C, effectively thermal throttling my CPU and pulling 250+ Watts from the PSU which forces Intel’s Watchdog to restart my system. Further testing stayed true, 5.2GHz was just too hot. Although, we did have this same problem with even my custom water-cooled setup. Even with a thicker radiator, we had trouble hitting the magic 5.3Ghz mark. Keep in mind this is a 3-year-old AIO. I’m sure Asus will update to accommodate future heat-space CPUs down the road.

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