Silicon Power Superior 256GB microSDXC Card Review

Final Thoughts on the Silicon Power Superior 256GB microSDXC Card

Superior microSDXC V30 UHS-I 128GB SD card is a great performer for the every-day, average consumer. It performed inline with most of the UHS-1 cards I have tested this year, averaging 91.47MB/s read speeds and 57.21MB/s write speeds. Silicon Power claims this card is capable of read speeds up to 1000MB/s, which is close to the average read speed reported in our testing at just under 9MB/s slower on average. An average write speed of 57.21MB/s is a little slower than I expected, but as I mentioned earlier, this should not impact real-world performance much, if any at all.

Data-based benchmarks are great, but how does that relate to real-world usage? The best test I could come up with to test everyday performance that would actually impact my life was to test if the card could keep up with my Canon EOS 80D DSLR in burst mode. With the card freshly formatted in the DSLR, I was able to continuously take about 18 photos (RAW+JPG) in burst mode without hitting the camera’s buffer limit. I repeated this test several times, and anywhere between 17 and 21 photos were taken before the camera’s buffer filled up. This means that the card was not able to write data from the camera’s data buffer faster than the camera could write new data to the internal buffer, causing the camera to briefly pause image capturing until the buffer had free space.

Overall the Superior microSDXC V30 UHS-I 128GB SD card performed as I expected and I was mostly satisfied with the testing results. Retailing at under $30 (at time of publication) this 128GB is a decent value for anyone looking to add another high-capacity V30 UHS-I SD card to their kit. This SD card performed ok, and it’s advertised speeds were mostly accurate, so for that reason, I can recommend it for anyone looking for a high-quality, high-capacity SD card for their DSLR, action camera, or drone.

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